June 10, 2010
By KeriB SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
KeriB SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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Fingertips burning
They long to touch
The once familiar face,
Of love.

Now cold and numb.
They'll take even the faintest temptation.
You play coy,
Pretending that it doesn't matter.

When deep down it eats at you,
Like the once taken drugs.
Anything to feel normal again.

Memories and forgotten dreams.
The land between real and make believe.
Just because the scares don't show.
Doesn't make them any less tangible.

I once thought I knew,
That it was better to be brutally honest,
Then to hide the facts of life.
But again,
That also turned out to be,
Just another hoax.

This world is cruel.
There are so many illusions,
And streets that suddenly stop at a dead end.

I just wish there one,

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