Devastation MAG

June 10, 2010
By KeriB SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
KeriB SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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sad smoke falls
after destruction,
like dead leaves
from the trees
they cry like me
knowing that all
may be lost …

the victor has been
– claimed –
in this battle of
the loved and the broken ….

people still curled in
hollow shells
waiting for a sign,
but left hopeless
when none is to be
seen …

screams can be heard
through the mountains
in the mist of
– devastation –
betrayed by those
you thought were close
friends …

and when all has fallen
hushed …
you can clearly
see the dreams are gone
from their faces.…

blank eyes
and empty souls
are all that's left
of the happy people
who thought they could
survive …

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