June 10, 2010
By loren heath BRONZE, Corvallis, Oregon
loren heath BRONZE, Corvallis, Oregon
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A broken heart,
Wounds are never far apart,
Split in half,
Abandoned calf.
Never truly alone,
I have no zone,
Emo core,
Let us sore,
Disappointment so strong,
Why is it always me,
Live evil,
Loving the medieval,
Wishing for life,
Too much strife.
I must be me,
Why must everything be a cant be,
Smarter than you think,
Blonder then I look,
Rougher then a rose petal,
To many wounds to couldn’t,
Too many things to mount.
Leave and don’t come back,
Why must I remain under attack,
People try and use me,
They think they can fool me with a simple plea,
To many faces lost in the past,
Nothing seems to last,
Life’s indiscretions,
Fighting depressions,
Hate this feeling,
Every ones leaving,
Who really cares,
Life’s full of rares,
There’s never more then faceless hope,
It’s always a simple nope,
Never forget,
I will have it,
Sorrow and pain,
Every ones insane,
Love so powerless,
Trying to find the simple bliss,
The good ones walk on bye,
The close ones remain shy,
Freedom is power,
Children cower,
Burning buildings,
Haunted feelings,
Does anyone want me by their side,
I am not a free ride,
Evil is waiting,
An unfinished painting,
To many lies,
Children’s cries,
Black and blue,
People have no clue,
Raising yourself,
The Kebler elf,
Pore and alone,
The lack of skin tone,
The hallow feeling,
My heart seems to be missing,
A token of lust or love,
The one who wears a black glove,
Maybe nothings meant to be,
Wish to be living life without more than just me,
Show that you care,
Make life fair,
Deadly beauty,
No need for pity,
Wanting to be held,
I need a mind meld,
Help me feel whole,
I am not a tool,
While it be,
Or is love just make believe,
Am I forsaken,
Or merely forgotten,
Never know,
Feeling the flow,
Just a simple siren,
Trying to keep it from happenen,
I am the mistress of pain,
It’s so bad even I’m going insane,
No home to go back to,
No reason for you to go away too,
Can I stop myself from pushing away,
There’s not much I can say,
Don’t trust me,
I can’t set any one free,
Take the chance,
So I can escape this trance,
I don’t want to call you to your death,
No more will I be the corse of meth,
A muse for the people who dwell in the dark,
Those with a special mark,
Untamed and betrayed,
Marked and hunted,
I am the reason witches where burned,
Invisible scars,
My heart wishes to be ours,
Black soul,
More than one role,
No wind to fallow,
My life is hallow,
Save my heart,
Love what has fallen apart,
I wish to be your priestess,
I cannot promise,
I’ll never push you away,
I’ll always want you to stay,
I won’t hurt you,
I won’t desert you,
I am cursed,
I have no bubble to burst,
I am an untamed kiss,
I am the haunted you miss,
I am temptations evils kiss,
I have my own hiss,
One kiss and you can fly,
Everyone wants more and I wonder why,
I am the devils daughter,
It’s hard to find hotter,
I want it to be all my own,
It’s impossible to find my clone,
Loving kisses,
Not the one every one misses,
Poison to those I care about,
Always wanting to cry and shout,
Are my praress finally answered,
Or is this another person dared,
Built to be strong and confident,
Programmed to be week and inconstant,
Self raised,
Seems I keep getting tazed,
Tired of taking care of myself,
Will I finally have some one who’s himself,
Am I just crazy,
Or is it I’ve been lazy,
Waiting for the insanity to come,
Or will clarity kill the numb,
The painful kiss of a betrayal,
Makes you forever want to bail,
No I won’t run,
For this ill destroy my automatic gun,
If he can’t fix this,
Well then my life’s a simple miss

The author's comments:
this was inspired bye the hardshipes in my life

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