As I Think

October 9, 2007
As I walk down the sidewalk
And I hear so many sounds
I think what is what is wrong with this world
People are fighting, killing, dying
Famous people are going to jail or rehab
Wars all over the world
As I hear on the news as I
Come in the door
Soldiers dying for our freedom
Never in my life how could I
Smell and hear the war going on
In my mind
As I think again
Why, why, why is this?
Going on
I’m scared that I don’t want
To even go outside anymore
Girls and boys getting kidnapped
And killed I wish it would stop
As I think
Why? I hear like I’m there when
People die it makes me want to
Never in my life again have I wished
I would die the people just don’t
Care or do they
As I think and say to myself
Why, Why
It’s so sad that I try not to cry
And I think I could change the world

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