Your Last Request

June 14, 2010
By bri01 BRONZE, St.Charles, Michigan
bri01 BRONZE, St.Charles, Michigan
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Pour a drink,
get in the car,
you'll be O.K.,
we won't go far.
Blurry signs pass you by,
still no one here thinks they will die,
the pedal stops,
cuz it's hit the floor,
you can't get out now,
but you can't ignore,
the thoughts in your head,
of your family and friends,
what they would be thinking,
if your life would end.
But it's too late,
you're heading so fast,
over the line so take your last,
and hold it tight,
on this cold and lonely night.
..It's morning now, you're family s' here,
they're all in shock,
they're all in tears.
Not one person in that car,
made it through or made it far.
And they don't know that your last request,
was to do it all over,to give life your best.
But your wish was too late, you made your decision,
in your family's hearts' you made an incision.
You didn't think of what could go wrong,
until the end of that night so long.
But it's all over now, you can't go back,
to the night when that street became a racetrack.

The author's comments:
Car accidents are the number one killer of teenagers today. It is said that each year, 5,000 people age 16-20 will die from a fatal car accident. Too many have made the wrong decision, but so many have the opportunity to make the right one. I hope this poem will provide some inspiration to make the right choice.

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