A Fork In the Road

June 14, 2010
Decisions, decisions
So hard to make
I’m at a fork in the road here
Don’t know which route to take

On one side there’s the right path,
The one my mind says to take
One that makes so much sense
And will leave me security in its wake

Then there’s the left one
The one my heart longs for
It’s risky and dangerous
But in the end I may get more

My mind,
Fed reason and judgment
As my parents saw it
Wants to take me to the right bend

But my heart doesn’t want that
Taking the right I’ll find
My hopes and dreams
All left behind

My parents have always told me
The mind makes better decisions
But the rest of the world says
Following the heart is man’s true mission

Go to the left
Or go to the right
Which path will make my future dark
And which will give it light?

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