He Remembers

June 13, 2010
By Crabber BRONZE, Mantua, New Jersey
Crabber BRONZE, Mantua, New Jersey
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He remembers her coming over to babysit when he was little
He remembers her playing games with him
He knew she enjoyed coming over
He still knows she enjoys seeing us
He knew she loved us coming over for
Easter, Thanksgiving, and a couple days after Christmas.

He remembers his brother coming up with Grum
For my grandmom
Because we couldn’t say grandmom.

He remembers pins
Because she always wore them
He remembers those shirts that says grandmom on them
He knew that she wears them all the time.

He knew that she loved him
And he loves her
He still remembers coming over to visit
He knew she love letting the dog come over
And seeing him run in the backyard
Like a maniac because he can’t do it at home
He knew she loved watching him chase the dog
And him so far behind the dog.

He will always remember her coming over
Playing games
Coming over for Easter, Thanksgiving, and a couple days after Christmas
He remembers getting pins for her
And shirts
He knew she loved him and he loved her
He knew she loved letting the dog over
Letting him run around
He knows he can’t wait to meet her again.

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