Beautiful Death

June 13, 2010
By MinorMistakes PLATINUM, Columbia, South Carolina
MinorMistakes PLATINUM, Columbia, South Carolina
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never lose what you have but gain what is lost

I would choose to lie numb in arms if thats what i must do for your embrace.
This is what it takes.
my choices have led me to drink the branches of sorrow. They reach out.
and grab me full force by the heart.
but even when you close your eyes in the highest hour. mine stay awake and dream forevers of our painfull but beautiful past.
i must pass on to where your knives of pain cant cut me.
They cant bare to grasp my apologies. In the end , I am the one who truly marked you in my prayers. But the night has choosen its fate. to run away and parish in what is not seen.
and now i close my eyes for the last time.
i close them for you.

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