June 7, 2010
By lovelydanger BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
lovelydanger BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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am the sound of the mourning, crying
I am the wind blowing over the dying
I am the intentions of all who are mean
Causing injury and madness to the unloved, the unseen

I am the emotions in the eyes of a corpse
Peaceful, empty, yet full of remorse
The cold metal bullet still lodged in the heart
What could have been done to have brought us apart

I am the driver who died in my car
While the others lay suffering, broken doors ajar
The other car totaled, inside a drunk
Whose family soon heard, their heads hung and hearts sunk

I am the animal who put up a fight
Then lay in its blood for the rest of the night
Listening to the screams of the almost dead
Wishing that the toll of meat could go to peoples head

I am the woman with no one to care
With dry, cracked lips and matted hair
Cold at night, stiff with grief
Begging only for death to bring her relief

I am the boy who cries at night
Wishing for wings to run, to take flight
To get away from the hurt and the pain
Abuse persisting, hope cannot remain

I am the beauty lying everywhere
That which no one sees, without a soul to care
If people would wake up and look around
Then they would find that we need no sound.

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