I will be happy now

June 7, 2010
By Lovely-Riot BRONZE, Auburn, California
Lovely-Riot BRONZE, Auburn, California
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Favorite Quote:
Those who say ignorance is bliss are dumb ass's

All I ever hear is negative
Why do I feel no positive
Why cant people just get along
They fight all night long

I don't let it get to me,
or I would be trap
in this endless greed
we all see

The sun shines
It's a beautiful day out
The air is sweet with the smell of pines
I can take a different rout

I can be different then them
I will make the change
I wont pretend I'm on a stage
pretending everything is so grim

Some days are bad
Some days are good
Some days are sad
and some days are golden

The sun shines
Its a beautiful day out
All signs
say to doubt

I will take a different rout
I will be strong and happy
The less I doubt
the less crappy
life will seem

I can change
I will change
into the person I want to be
they all will see

The author's comments:
I'm not going to be trapped in the life i don't want, i wont be someone i don't want to be. I will me.

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