How can I explain?

June 7, 2010
Three words: I love you.
I realized it with your first stare.
Yet,right now my mood is blue.
Cause I know we'll NEVER be.
Don't ask me to explain.
Explain why my world's upside down.
Me feeling this way,obviously can't complain.
How can I explain the way you make me feel?
Last night I didn't cry;I wept.
All because of a stupid crush.
Don't ask why,you just give me that effect.
Salty tears,rolling down my cheeks.
Last night I kept on thinking.
Why do I like you so much?
Why do I have to have this feeling?
Over someone who only sees me as a friend.
It just feels so bad.
To have a boyfriend,and yet,like someone else.
Can't help it,and that's what makes me sad.
How can I explain,how you're the only one that can cheer me up.
Tell me,how can I explain?
How much you mean to me,
but how can I complain?
If you're the one who brings color into my life...

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