You know it really Sucks when......

April 2, 2008
Someone you were madly
In love with just is gone in a flash,
Its funny how things change .

Well its also funny that it takes
Days months maybe years.
To fall in love with someone
Bt it only takes a blink of an eye
For all those memories to undo Themselves.

I was madly in love with this boy
I still am but not as much.

I thought he was the one .

The one that My father god sent down here
for me to love for the rest of my life.

But then oneday i got a call
His momma said we needed a break
cause we were getting alittle to serious
and we are only 14 so thats when it started.
I felt so upset i cried for 3 days non stop.It was so bad that I couldnt do
The Fcat,that Day.
One day at ae cause my Friends
Were there to help me.So i wasnt
Upset Cause they Made Me not think
About it.

I loved and love him so much
i just dont understand why god
Brought him to me and then just took him
away i wish it wasnt me that it happened to.
I did and gave everything for and to that kidd.
cause i loved and love him with all my heart.
He told me he wouldnt know what he would do without me but
obveously he does.
It sucks when you find out that he is datin somone else
now and you see all of those things we did together kinda
i wish god didnt have to do this to us
When i was with him there was no reason to leave the room
or go pee cause i love him so much
I really felt bad though cause i was dissing all of my friends for him and it wasnt nice.
so that is why it came back and bit me in the ass.
well yeah
a few days ago which was monday
I talked to My Conceler At my School. Mrs.Okane
and she said just said move on
If yall were really meant to be
then he will come back
but dont spend all of your time
waiting around for him cause
It may be for a long time.

Boys need breaks
I mean I understud that alot and
i realized that he will come back if he really loves me
But i also realized that if he does come back
then i dont know if i really want him back
After all of those things he did to me
how he hurt me i dont need a person like that in my life.
and if i do go back to him it will not be as soon as possible
because if you do go straight back to them that just
lets them know that they can do it again.

Plus,even if i did want him back. i would have to think about it for a very long i can trust what he says or not.Thats why im not ganna call him for a long time cause if he really wants to talk to me then he will call me
I may call him on his. birthday and
wish him a happy birthday.if he still
Doesnt want to talk to me,So be it
I wont.But other than that
all i want to be is his really good friend cause when i had problems He Fixed them.
but i really dont know.
And what i did to the boyfriend before him was wrong....
I shouldnt Have done that to him.
It wasnt nice.
One Day i realized that I still had
feelings for my Ex.Not Jp.
Even though i knew Jennifer
Since daycare.
I shouldnt have believed her in the first place.
But i still love Jps momma.
Even after what she did,
I thank her for doing that .
Because She helped me realize.
That she was right.We needed
a break.We needed to see what
It is like to think you are madly in
Love with someone and then when they
Go away.How bad it feels.yeah it Hurts.
But she also helped me realize that i cant fall in love with someone that fast.i am young.& Like i said.I would never find another one like him.i was Right Cause i found one BETTER than him.
and i am happy because he treats me better.Well all i am Trying to say is.
If you have a Boyfriend and you meet another guy dont let him convince you in breaking up with them.It wont be worth it and i learned that lesson.You will Regret it.and Dont always Believe what They tell you.Cause it may not be true.Dont fall in love to easly.cause it will be Hard to Not love him at all.
And Learn to move on like i did.
Its not worth killing your slef over someone that You THOUGHT you were in love with.

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