June 6, 2010
By untouchable BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
untouchable BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"To fail with origninality is better than to succeed in imitation."

Like company goes with misery, all I need is simplicity
Just tell me how you feel, reveal, leave the duplicity
out of your life, but most of all, more specifically
leave the lies and double standards far far away from me.
I opened up my heart- told you every last sin
the false, done up rhythms of the past are in the trash bin
I showed you what was underneath- the eyes behind the lashes
I set that mask on fire, crumbled, into ashes.
Still you run through my mind, Incredible like Dash is
You changed and molded me like Clay, like Cassius
You sting like a bee, I got allergies, left with rashes
Over me you have control, you dictate like a Fascist
like ashes, we all one day fall down
But without you can't get up like I went through the ground.
You flashed through my life at such high velocity
And the way I hate your boyfriend defies animosity
Astronomy, can't define how you shine like a star to me
And no distance to be with you would be too far for me
to travel. Unraveled: my heart
sits torn apart on the gravel.
Confusion, Illusions, no doubt I'm utterly frazzled
dazzled. We built a world safe, like a haven, a castle
But to keep the walls up was difficult, just a hassle
to you. For you, I'd do, what Adam would do
And life is ecstasy, just when dreaming of you.
I'm Eve right now, your temptation. The apple.
I took a bite, despite the fact I knew I would have to grapple
with the fear that at some point you'd throw me out of the saddle
It's a battle
to keep this smile on my face that appears
lets adventure, lets explore this wild frontier
pioneers of love and friendship, I know we are not convention
but without each other, there's nothing other than endless depression.
It would be a gift to have a future, but I'm trapped in the present
you are the devil of my thoughts, so I'm forever a resident
of hell. I'm under a spell, I can't progress, this impediment
is blocking my mind. My brain is no longer intelligent.
Our past is thick with never-said never kissed never-spent
the regret hardens in my brain, weighs me down like cement.
Like it or we need each other and you are a part of me
your words are like my blood, flow to my heart like an artery
Pardon me, 'cause usually, it's a secret it's hard to see
And now our only question is to be or not to be?
For me, the choice is obvious, painfully clear to see
but that's only because your not a choice, your necessity.

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