3rd Rock Valley

January 6, 2008
By Ugochukwu Charles Onyewuchi, Germantown, MD

In the mare valleys of wink
I bore witness to the heavens close,
gaint plates far from meek
assembled to trap the foe

for precious were of us
that his queen valley he gave,
but our stabs of Corday
left her a dead Marat.

With no linger of shame
that his queen we defame,
his heavens he closed with intent
the shamer dwell in the mist she rot

Then I unwinked
to see wrongs mounted on thy steed
to blasphemy in recoil for thy meed
by the tongues of thy deed.

*a poem about the Earth i wrote inspired by a dream i had and wrote it after watching an episode of the Ophrah show, which was about things we could do to help save the planet!

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