October 25, 2007
On a dark cold dusty road
I walk till I walk no more
Lost in my own world
Traveling a secret path
Lost in my head
Thinking back
To when eveyone was friends
The unlabeled days
Playing tag
And having fun
Days of fun
You weren't
A prep with perfect hair
Or a Goth lost in black
And punk what was that?!
We were all just kids
Trying to have fun
Everyone was innocent
No one was pure
Now that I'm older
All that has changed
When you don't fit in
You're pushed out
Labeled an outcast
Picked on for a label
They gave you
So I walk
Lost in my own world
Escaping labels and looks
From those "higher up"
The ones who believe
Labels make them better
But they don't
Labeling makes them worse
Like bullies of the mind
Some don't realize they do it
But they should
Killing the minds of innocent kids
It's almost daylight
I'll go back now
Out of my head
Into the world once more
I'll face the bullies
They won't get to me.

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