Grow Up

June 10, 2010
Walking down the halls I hear depravity left and right
What do they think this is, some soap opera, on every night?
Foul language, swearing on every side
Some sort of profane tide
They say seize life, but they’re just on for the ride

People mocking their leaders
They bite the hand that feeds
Calling for chaos and destruction
What we need is peace and construction

You say why bother?
A sizable difference is too much for me
I don’t have the ability
One person can make a difference
Ask MLK, ask Ghandi
You’re making one already but is it in the right direction?
To cause chaos, apathy, insurrection

We should work for the better before things get worse
The government doesn’t have a penny in its purse
Our society’s centered on oil, The economy is shot to heck

You want to be a different generation?
Be the one where every person improved the nation
Improve our world before things get worse
Or the most pleasant place may be in a hearse

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Skeezics said...
Dec. 22, 2010 at 12:06 am
cant believe no one has commented on this one yet. its amazing!!! very good job. well written. :D
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