True Best Friend

October 25, 2007
By carlton mccormick, Kansas City, MO

Verse 1: A true best friend is someone
who you can trust and you can depend on.
Someone who you can go to for advice.
Someone that will will be ther un to he end.
A friend will pick you up when you are down.
thats a true best friend.

Chorus: A true best friend will help you
through hard times, a best friend is someone that you can trust, someone that will will help you create,a true best friend is someone that you can lean on, thats a true best friend.

Verse 2: a true best friend does not turn there backs on you, a friend does not have to be someone you know in school, it could be your mother like mine who is irreplaceable, and a mother who knows you better than you know yourself, a true best friend can even be yourself, that' s if can respect youself. see those are real true friends
you see what i mean.

repeat chorus

bridge (repeat verse)

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