The Last of Everything

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

To view the world from
Another person's eyes
To see it all fall apart in front of you
From the ground to the sky

The last petal to
Strike the ground
The last raindrop to
Make a sound

The whistle of the
Warm brezze, trying to warn
The last little child ready
To be born

When quicker than
A moments glance
Not even the strongest of all
Will have the chance

The biggest of destructions
Known to mankind
Working every bit of it's energy against us
Leaving no one behind

Everyone struck with panic-
No idea where to go
Up, down, left, right
Not a single place to stow

They turn to everyone,
Everyone but one
The one with the moon in his right hand
And in the left, the sun

Fear absorbed millions of
Miles away
The last cold soul to strike the ground,
Mother Earth will have nothin else to say

Silence...silence will
Make it's sound,
As a single bolt of lighning hits the ground
Not one single soul will be found

I would tell you what would happen next
But I'm not the one
All I can tell you now
Is that day is to come

With the power of the sun,
And the forces of the moon
We will face our undermining fate
Whether we believe its far or

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem thinking about and trying to take a glance into the future..

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