June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I had a life
I had a dream
I had a chance
Or that's what it would seem

I had found love
I had found hope
I was always nice
I would never moap

That day still haunts me,
I remember it like it was yesterday
His face running through my head
Like a remote stuck on replay

'How could this happen
To me?', I thought
A mere girl of

My veins were pulsing
And my heart racing
As he was frantically

I was beaten-
And repeatedly with
A bat

I knew right then
As I looked into his red eyes
That no matter what,
I was going to die

Part of me wants revenge
Another part wants me to let go
My impulse telling me yes
My heart telling me no

In that quick second
My life had fallen through the cracks of the Earth
I couldn't stop myself,
I couldn't stop the hurt

I was stuck,
With no chance of getting out
I had an idea where I was
But decided not to shout

Everything I ever believed in
Surrounded me at a moments glance
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Explode with color, letting me
Explore- giving me a chance

As I climbed every mountain
And sailed every sea
I couldn't stop myself to think,
'Was this meant to be?'

I was looking for an answer,
A clue to why I was here
At times I felt like giving up
But I was faced to battle my fears

On my long days of travel
My mind would wander off to Earth
I would wonder if they missed me
If only they knew how much it hurt

On cold barren nights-the wind my only friend
But without it I would be alone
No one else but me in sight
Except the forces of nature that
Are destructively shown

I have been here 365
Glorious days by my count
And there's not a minute
That goes by where I ask,
'What's this all about?'

I still haven't found the answer
Not far, not nay
But I've realized what my
Wind has been trying to say

This land is my kingdom
My reward for everything I've done
My heart holds the key
My mind holds the fun

The wind and I like two halves
Of a heart-but never the same
That's how on a windy morning
I discovered it's name:
My beautiful *Windelia*

The author's comments:
I had just watched The Lovely Bones and I was so touched and inspired I decided to right something similar to it.

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