The Dream that Never Stops Dreaming

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I lay myself down to sleep
Close my eyes
Set my mind free
To the wandering skies

The wind an important factor
For whichever way the wind blows
With my heart's dedication
Is wherever my dream goes

North, South, East, West
My mind and heart will take the chance
It will roam through the wandering sky's
To the great and famous Paris, France

Nightfall arises
Stars leading me to someplace
The anxiety kills me
As I think about what I'm going to face

I follow there path
As I hear the ticking of a clock
As my destiny awaits
My heart grows in shock

The Eiffel tower as
High as birds can fly
Stands tall and proud in front
Of me, ready for me to climb

My climb like a battlefield
With every obstacle I face
My eyes fixed to the top
As if falling would be a disgrace

The wind's strong force pulling
Me away, trying to make me stop
My hearts strength and power is what
Pulled me to the very top

I look down smiling
As in my throat appears a lump
My heart stops as
I realize my destiny is to jump

I spread my arms wide apart
As if ready to fly
I take a giant leap forward
Starting to cry

I took a deep breath
Waiting for the wind to carry me
As I carefully opened my eyes
The ground starts to appear
Closer and closer before me

I could feel the blood
Pumping through my veins as my
Heart grew in shock
Then I heard again the ticking of
That clock

The ticking grew louder
As my heart was healing
There was a sudden silence as
I opened my eyes and realized
I was dreaming

I glance over to the window
Only to see the moon and stars' light beaming
I yawn exhaustingly, lay my head down
And go back to my dreaming

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because I actually had a dream EXACTLEY like this and because I'm in LOVE with the Eiffel Tower!

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