October 25, 2007



Skin is beautiful, can’t you see?

I’m fully confident in what you see

You can call me whatever you’d like

I’m going to make it far alright?

My people went through a lot

And you think we’re the bad ones……NO

You may think I’m mean or maybe even a hoe

Because I’m black
I think so
My grandmother always used say
“Never judge a book by its cover…ok?
I told her, “Never grandma, I could never do that”
Do you think I’ve done it?
Not yet
Now I’m passing it on to you
Black is beautiful
You are too

Out of the Shadows

There is no more America
America is off the shelf
Soon there will be death all at once
As soon as God arrives he’s bringing fire like the Golden sun
There is no more America
We aren’t one
We kill left to right
Always want to fight
There is no more America
Storms shattering homes
I’m just ready to go on home
I’m fed up
There is no more America
Presidents lie about what’s important
The truth will come about
Without a doubt
There is no more America
Gang rapes
Criticizing words
God is hardly ever heard
There is no more America
What happened to prayer in school?
Now the system is shattered
America can’t gather

Five Senses

Your eyes look into mine with love
You smell my scented perfume
You taste my juicy lips
You feel on my thick hips
You hear the loving words that I whisper into your ear
Your five senses are loving to me
All five involve me
Thank God for your eyes, nose, mouth, touch, and hearing
Because the y are all unbearing

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