I Love You

June 9, 2010
By Anonymous

If there was a way to be together…..forever
I’d take it, don’t wait it
Cause you know you love me too
I just want to be with you…
With nobody, just us together forever
Cause you know it’s true,
That I love you!
You’re the sun in the sky,
The moon in the dark,
You’re beautiful and very smart,
Because you know its true… that I love you!
Your voice is like music in my ears,
Now you’ve got to use it to get the cheers,
Because you know its true,
I love you!
The crowd may love you, they may say no.
The record boys may say go-ohhh!
But you know its true,
I’ll pull you through-h,
Because I love,
Baby-baby I love you, cause you know its true-
Because baby I love you!-

The author's comments:
This peice is about my girlfriend. She is my inspiration. A song like this just comes to you it may take a while, but you'll get through.

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