June 9, 2010
By deashya BRONZE, Hartford, Connecticut
deashya BRONZE, Hartford, Connecticut
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In this world we are not alone
But who in this world can call another place home?
Are we mere followers on a distant journey?
Should we sit and wait or out of meekness should we worry?
There’s more to this world than the love of life
More evil to acclaim to when we become its living wife
Idols, fashions, the reasoning of thoughts
Who could have guessed this is what our humanly hearts merely sought?
But this unfortunate concept has gone deep into our spirit
And it goes unnoticed, for nobody truly fears it
But when a ripple is made a wave can be formed
Growing bigger and bigger until eventually the whole world is swarmed
With the lies and deception of a foreign worry
And with that note our movement should hurry
For in this world we are not alone
But who in this world could call another place home?

The author's comments:
I usually write poems that ask questoins and can sometimes be decieved as dark, but my poem is actually full of truth and extreme life for me.

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