May 22, 2010
By Levina_M GOLD, Some City, Texas
Levina_M GOLD, Some City, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Loyalty to petrified opinions never once broke a human chain or freed a human soul- and it never will
- Mark Twain

Tears scar
Never-ending heartaches
And a fatal kiss that will not leave

Father time takes his toll
These pains are to be
An eternal haunting

Wound opening
Screams of JUST LEAVE
Quiet thoughts of please come back
Jagged and nagging

A single day walks up after many
And takes it all away

Simply picks them up
And carries them off
Unknowledgeable of the bliss it has left

Those scaring tears
Dry and aren’t scaring at all
Never-ending heartaches
And fatal kiss
Is so benign
It cowers in the glory
In the growth and healing

Somethings still linger
But not mind bothering
Yet as one head rises in acceptance
Others fall
In realization that failure is
Patting them on the back

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