Butter the bunny

October 25, 2007
By Megan Romer, Bolingbrook, IL

April Aster arrived at her apartment
Busted in her bedroom to behold Butter the Bunny
Cuddled and cooled, he could see she cared.
Down the hall he dwelled and dined
Each day expecting excellent April’s return,
For fun he fiddled his fur,
Gobbled green goodies,
Hula hoped and hop scotched til his hairy head hurt,
Infinite energy, infinite fun,
Joyously jumping jolly and free,
Kind of cool, kind of young,
Lovely and loopy, a love bug like none,
Many munchkins giving him much love.
Nick, his neighbor the newt,
Opened the oven and out came a
Penguin perky and pink,
Quick and quiet
Rooming round the room
Stopped standing still
Til the team of tigers tore
Up ugly unicorns
Very viciously.
Where was April? Where was help?
Xspecially xpressing xcitement
You yelped for your April.
Ziggy the zebra zoomed in to help.

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