October 25, 2007
By Veronica Rodriguez, Bolingbrook, IL

Ana is anxious

Brian blows the bubbles
Christina covers the cake
Daniel doubles the dollars
Edgar expects Ernesto
Flor has few flowers
Gabby getters gummies
Hector helps made a helicopter
Ivan intimidate Iris
Joe jumps and jogs
Karen keeps kicking
Lauren uses lipstick for her lips
Megan moves Monday
Nelly needs to fix her nails
Oscar opens the Oreo cookies
Patrick picks people
Quinton counts quarters
Rosa reacts to rats
Sebastian saved some salad
Tina turned the table
Ulices uses the umbrella
Victor visits Valeria
William wants water
Xina examines the x-rays
Yolanda yells at you
Zuleyma simmers the shrimp

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