My Shadow Leans Left

October 25, 2007
Every morning I wake up
And oxygen has red and purple marks
On it’s neck.

Three hours later I turn to my left
And get lost in brown mazes,
Mazes that blind people would crawl
Into coffins for.

The sun hits your eyelids,
And they cast blue shadows.

I can’t help but to stare
At crimson invitations under nostrils.
You must have been kissing strawberries.

Luscious brown waterfalls,
They swear you only have half a face.

Whenever you get nervous,
You bite blackness in sets of five.

You’re covered in liquid that’s rich in calcium,
But that liquid is encoated in liquorish cotton…

…cotton that screams out the choruses
of every rock song inspired by one third
of the word emotional.

I love the view
When I lose races to you.

Thighs are suffocated by dark denim
That rides so low on the opposite side of the zipper,
I search for quarters.

It’s a rarity that things like you
Can play games from ten feet away
And master six-stringed electronic puppets.

I swear that the next time you sneeze I’ll say:
“God blessed you with beauty.”

I hope everything that passes my teeth
Towards you is butter.

And I only come down from the high of liking you
Right before I see you again.

You lay your head down, close your eyes,
And file through your dreams
While I pray that I’m in one of those folders.

I wish it took forever to learn foreign languages,
But right now June anticipates ruining my life.

I miss you before you’re even gone.

If my life is made up of planets
You must be the sun.

When you’re here,
Everything’s opposite of left.

I can’t see myself happy
Unless it’s in the reflection of your eyes.

Love &
x-cruciatingly torture me

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