Rest in Peace

October 25, 2007
By Sherita Washington, Portage, MI

Even if time was granted
You wouldn’t be able to go
Back sixteen years of my life
Making up the time you lost with me
Is like filling a pool up with a teaspoon
It can’t happen
You should have been dedicated
To your daughter but you were
Dedicated to the streets
You didn’t know that
The streets can’t hug you
The streets can’t talk to you
The streets can’t make you a man
I was so innocent and so young
That I wished I was the streets
So maybe you would hug me
Maybe you would talk to me
Maybe I could have made
A man out of you
Because of you
I never had a father’s day
Because of you
I never went to those father-daughter dances.
Because of you I’d rather have my mother
Walk me down that aisle
So when I get that call one day
To tell me of a man that’s past
I wouldn’t feel anything
But I do hope that when you die
You choke up your lies
And that before you close your eyes
You see sixteen years flash by you
If anyone was to ask me about
My father, I’d tell them he died
Because in my mind you were already dead
And when they write what you’ve
Contributed to society
The paper will be as blank
As the face of a child whose father
Didn’t show up to her fifth birthday party
And the room will be full of people
That you’ve helped along the way
All but one…
But you’ve done nothing for anyone
Rest in Peace

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