High School Musical Tale

October 25, 2007
High School Musical? Another Disney channel movie,
That’s just for little kids, real groovy?
It’s the perfect example of judging a book by its cover,
Little did I know Zac would become my lover.
Finally had the chance to watch it,
I was not disappointed at all, not one bit.
Watched it not once, not twice, not three not four,
But over and over I just wanted more.
All of the songs, I knew them by heart,
When I went to Target, I threw the album in my cart.
High School Musical 2, coming August 17,
Right on that bandwagon, who’s got beef?
“Gotta getcha head in the game” never left my head,
I dreamt about it as I lay in my bed.
It finally came out; Troy was still so wonderful,
He and Gabriella were going to spend the summer in the pool.
Until that dumb blonde Sharpay tried to win him over,
She would have needed a million 4 leaf clovers.
Her job worked well in the beginning,
But no matter what she did, it could not break Zanessa’s fling.
Outside of HSM one and two,
The truth about their romance surely came true.
The paparazzi loved them, followed them everywhere,
Zac constantly kissed her; he even loves the smell of her hair.
You Tube was soon filled, with slideshows of the two,
Playing to the sounds of love songs, no question he was her boo.
All was going well and everyone was happy,
Until an ex boyfriend did not find it all so sappy.
He decided he was going to bring her down,
Leaking nude photos of Vanessa all over town.
People were in shock but they let it go
Disney stood by her; they were not stooping that low.
Soon the Vanessa scandal had come and passed,
Everyone knew that through it all Zanessa would last.
And now on the way, High School Musical 3,
This one is in theaters, Yippee!
Only a few more months, until 2008,
High School Musical 3 will without a doubt be great!

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