The night stands black

October 25, 2007
By James Wardle, Middleton, ID

The night stands black with a hint of gray while the day stands clear and crisp, but at this time the sky sits full of grizzled charcoal and the air hangs silent and smooth.

Here, atop this mountian peak, there is nothing and in a few quiet moments there will be nothing, only the grizzled charcoal and the smooth silence.

So, as we stand here, upon this lonesome peak, staring at the vast emptieness, I begin to wonder:

When will this world show signs of life?

But it is not myself who anwsers this, it is you, my only friend, who shows wisdom in this void of matter.

"There is no life because it has died, swallowed by the fire, and all that remains is the grizzled charcoal and the air, silent and smooth.

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