F3: “The Forbidden Fruit Forest”

October 25, 2007
By Kian Evans, Bolingbrook, IL

The forbidden fruit forest…
Which fruit shall I choose?
Should I pluck grapes from a vine
Or an apple from a tree
Something’s glowing…

An orange
The smallest orange I’ve ever seen
It looks special…
A golden orange
With a Sunnis glow
I must not eat it…

My stomach growls
So I eat a couple of random fruit
As I lay in the grass holding
The golden orange
Watching the tallest trees
And staring at sparkling water
I yawn
And fall into a deep sleep
I have a nightmare

A wild beast invades the fruit forest
He eats… and eats…
Robbing every tree bearing fruit
I can see him
He’s a monster
I can’t move…

Then he gets to the last fruit
The Sunnis glowing orange
He smiles…
As he slowly peels the skin of the orange
Then he rips its insides with his claws
And sucks and drains it of all its pure juices
As sweet and sour liquid falls from his lips to his chin

He screams and falls to the ground in satisfaction
And sips the glistening water
As the dream fades…

I awake tasting that sweet yet sour taste
As I look to the golden peels
Lying on the ground
I drop to the floor of the forest
As I yell and dig into the moist soil
And plant the golden peels
I hop upon the entrance sign
As the forest slowly fades to an autumn season
I remain the Scarecrow of the forbidden fruit forest
Guardian of its crops…!

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