October 25, 2007
By Sean Jaskiewicz, Bolingbrook, IL

Pastimes haunt our every dream
No one can help what we’ve become
And we seem to murder our hopes
But now we break down these walls

Showing our fears mid-day
Living life so woefully bland
And we shoot our friends in the back
But now we break down these -walls…

Cool we think we are
But we don’t give ourselves credit
For cool is not but cold is what we are
But now we break down these walls!

We close our doors to openness
We cry at the sight of true freedom
And listen to those who-
-give us false promises
But now we break down these walls!!

We find ourselves on the other side
We show our truth and do not hide
We live our lives and take the ride
For now we have broke down the –walls
And they will never stand up again

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