Can you taste my color?

October 25, 2007
By samanath blankley, River Vale, NJ

People pass by
With a blue look in their eye
As they smell of failure
I may know them
But still they sound like a stranger
The halls sound green
And nothings serene
This high school jungle
Is filled with a constant hurtful mumble
You can hear the orange personalities
Rioting conformity
I want to see how they all feel
And if the colors they dream are ever real
No one wishes to be here
This place they try to steer clear
I can feel the fake masks they wear
A place to hide so the truth won’t be bared
Tension builds and love escapes
In these narrow halls teen hearts break
The crowded halls smell of pain
And the personalities taste so plain
Vacant emotions linger in everyone
But there’s nothing more to be done

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