The Long Road

October 25, 2007
By Sean Jaskiewicz, Bolingbrook, IL

Everyday i walk down a road
i see racism
i see hatred
i see death
i see bigotry
and its killin' me,
when i walk the long road,
everyday i see the homeless
cryin' out
then i see the rich
with their cars
and their clothes
never tryin' to help out!
And i, i just walk by them,
On the long road
Drugs run the streets!
no one anymore tries to show the way,
their only inspiration is to get their pay!
No matter how many kids die on the way!
do you see this on the long road?
families are desperate
and a little depressed you see
because little bobby gone went to iraq
and hes never coming back...
you see he got hit with a 47
and only at the age of 27
that's where his road ended.
now their family wheres yellow and purple ribbons
in remembrance of him,
but that still does not fill the void
that is in them.
all because of a war with no cause,
and a government that's flawed.
i bet theyve never even seen this god forsaken road
but today, i walked down that road
and showed compassion!
to the weak
to the hated
to the left behind
because one day i will be older,
and the world will be in our hands,
we need to not let this world be this way,
and make sure we make a change.
but we should notwait for that later day
we need to do something good and pave the way
and should start with this road
and every other day!
in hopes to make this long road,
Not so long

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