The Demon of the Dark

October 25, 2007
By Daniel Zwain, Hillsdale, NJ

A look upon my life is like trying to see at night,
There is no light, only a blacken sun,
I fill myself with a lust for strength and power,
A am an evil man questing defending the dark,
I am no ally to you, I’m only a wicked demon,
You are the weak and I am the strong, and the almighty.

I spend my time proving to the weak that I am almighty
I am their lord and the ruler of the night.
The fear me, as they should, for I am their demon,
I fear nothing, not even the strength of the sun.
Light is their ally but mine is the dark,
It gives me strength and it gives me power.

Some people are foolish and think they can defeat my power,
But they are stupid for I am the almighty!
Their death is my ambrosia and their might could not defeat the dark.
It wasn’t too long before they all gathered together in the night.
Some carrying the banner of god, others holding the power of the sun,
They would all fall to this land’s unholy demon.

One-by-one, they all fell to me, the stronger demon,
I shattered their faith and destroyed their power.
My evil magic blackened the sky and destroyed their sun.
Now, not even their gods could contend with the almighty!
I was the overlord of the day and the night!
I am the ruler of the light and the master of the dark.

Soon enough, great wizards came to confront the power of the dark,
Their death was soon to come at the hands of the powerful demon.
My power oozed from my body and the world became as black as the night,
The wizards did not falter and showed me their awesome power.
They tried their hardest to prove they were stronger than the almighty,
But I defeat them with the one thing I took away, their sun.

So now I sit on my thrown, in the a world without a sun,
I had proved my mastery over these people and showed them the dark.
No longer would they think to challenge the almighty,
Now they know that they cannot defeat their king, their demon.
Their faith was gone, for I took it away with my power,
So ends their happiness, as they fear the dark and

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