May 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Why can’t I have a Facebook
My mom thinks I won’t be able to finish all my work,
and that I can’t handle it,
but what I think she’s saying is just really quite berserk.

All my friends are asking me when I’m going to get one,
and why my mom won’t let me now,
c’mon mom don’t you see that I’m missing all the fun?

I can stay in touch with family who live faraway,
like my cousins; aunts and uncles,
and they tagged me in their pictures so it’s like I’m on facebook anyway.

When I got one I was only going to friend people that I knew,
it’s not like I wouldn’t be careful online,
but what I find unfair is that you have a facebook too!

Whenever my friends go on facebook; they always start to tease,
if you friend me you can see everything that’s on my page,
Everyone is asking me; please mom please!

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