October 25, 2007
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Every hope.
Every dream. Elise,in that dusty little border town,
She faced that fence,
And staredit up and down.
She hated the fence.
The chainlink, themetal,The electricity running through,
Meantso much more.
Was so much more.
Guard towers stared down,
Like a scronful stepmother.
The barbed wire felt like a lock
On the empty safe she was in.
The skyscrapers and fireworks
Flowed from the horizons
Flowed into her face, her soul, her heart,
Just as spit into the defeated's face,
Just as infections into a gaping wound,
Just as the tears from her face.
The sharpened steel shone,
And reflected her worn features,
As if to taunt,
As if to hand her the fault,
As if to bring her down,
Far lower, far deeper then the valley of residence.
To that fence, she had no name.
No children.
No family.
It took what made her, and spit it out.
Every hope.
Every dream.

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