Just Be You

May 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Believe in yourself,
You’ll surely go far.
Just be you,
It doesn’t matter who you are.

No matter what you look like,
You’re beautiful inside.
Though people may be harsh,
There’s no need to hide.

You will meet people
That will always be there,
There will be others,
Who won’t give a care.

Keep going strong,
I know you can do it.
Hold your head high,
You’ll soldier through it.

Smile to yourself,
Laugh at the haters,
Kill them with kindness,
They’ll regret it later.

Come out of your hiding place,
Toss away your shell.
If someone doesn’t like you,
Learn to say “Oh Well.”

You are you,
There’s no one the same.
You should never, ever,
Forget your name.

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