Clipped Wings

June 5, 2010
By Altia Bend BRONZE, Roslindale, Massachusetts
Altia Bend BRONZE, Roslindale, Massachusetts
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looking back on everything that youve done
its been a waste of time trying to prove
my hearts is not a game youve already won
theres so much more convincing you have to do
continue to pretend like you dont see
all the pain and agony that you bring
you took away all that mattered to me
i'm a bird...that can no longer sing
wishing you gone but then after i'm
wishing you'd return and i take it back
as you fade away a tear forms in my eye
never thought that i could ever relapse
you'll never want me the way i want you
but why do i insist on keep trying
i know one day ill find someone, but who?
i feel like all the candidates are hiding
why are you so close but still far away
i wish i could go back to when we met
instead of saying "hi", id just walk away
so that now i wouldnt be in such a mess
all this time i've wasted, i cant believe
i spent so much time on these foolish things
i'm looking at the sky as i start to leave
i'm not your bird, you cant clip my wings

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