Sometimes I overreact to things.

October 25, 2007
By Alyssa Nelson, Bolingbrook, IL

Sometimes I overreact to things.
Sometimes I lie about dumb things.
Sometimes I wish they were different; other times I hope that they all stay the same.
Sometimes I'm really conceited; other times I can't hide the insecurity.
Sometimes I hate being alone; other times I love to be by myself.
Sometimes I make bad decisions; but usually with good intentions.
Sometimes people are different then what we expect.
I believe that if you have enough courage to appoligize,I have enough integrity to forgive.
I also believe that it's pointless worrying about what other people think, because they're too busy worrying about themselves.
I believe it's insanley hard for everybody to realize what they have, before it's already gone.
I also elieve you can't judge a book by it's cover; so you should get to know a person before you automatically hate them.
What do you believe?

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