October 25, 2007
I tell you I love you

I show it too

They say I’m sprung

Over you

We talk for only a few

My friends all say forget you

All the words I’m saying are true

You say you like me a lot

When I say I love you

Sometimes you make me so confused

Although I’m glad to know the truth

You kiss my cheek when it’s time to go

Man what a great way to let your love show

I hug you and try to stall the time

Even though you’re not worth a dime

I hate when you ignore me

I want you to know that you tore me

You kiss my cheek again and leave

You know what I believe

There’s someone else who has your heart

There’s some other chick who plays my part.

“When will I see you again you ask “

When you your girls alone and remember our past….

I walk away more in love
more naive than when I had come

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