May 22, 2010
By NoOneKnows93 GOLD, Colfax, California
NoOneKnows93 GOLD, Colfax, California
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A girl only needs three things in her life: LOVE to make her weak, ALCHOHOL to make her strong, and FRIENDS to pick her up when the first two make her hit the ground.

The sky is black
the suns gone down
pumpkins and jack o' lanterns
cover the ground.

The yard is lit
by twinkling lights
they look like stars
they shine so bright.

The trees have faces
that laugh and sneer
ghosts and ghouls on every branch
but I have no fear.

Creepy creatures eat the food
like Frankenstein and a faery queen
my mother is Elvira
but the best costume is the one on me.

Activities are all around
bobbing for apples is at the top of my list
then Elvira yells, "SARA!"
and she looks pissed.

I'd had so much fun
I'd lost track of time
It's way past ten
past time to say good-bye.

'Cause the suns gone down,
down past the hills
and the sky is black
I've had my fill.

My eyes begin to drop
and I hang my head
as dad picks me up
taking me to bed.

He tucks me in
he says goodnight
and before he leaves
he turns out the light.

I drift off to sleep
and begin to dream
of the wonders I saw
this Halloween.

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