Seasonal Love

May 22, 2010
By Levina_M GOLD, Some City, Texas
Levina_M GOLD, Some City, Texas
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Let me run my fingers
Through his dark hair
The smell of sweet night lingers
It’s soft, light, and fair

What words may I put to this love
To what can I compare

Like the cool autumn sunset
Let the brisk wind blow
And the superstitions flow
But no need to fret
For home we soon go

Leaves orange, red, and yellow
Make the scene so mellow

Home cooked meals fill the lungs
Into cinnamon and pumpkin we plung

The twinkling stars of twilight
As why do you love
With such delight

His eyes are bright
And his heart is true
He frightens away the shadows
Casted out by you

Let me kiss
His lips so plump and pink, do I dare
The toasty beads of day I always miss
They’re warm and kiss my skin so bare

How do I describe this passion
That runs faster than any mare

Like the summer day
Let the green grass grow
And the sun shine
As long as it may

Children play for hours
In the vast field of flowers

Time doesn’t matter
Nothing seems to tear and tatter

The sun of light
Ask why do you love
With passion so bright

His arms are strong
And his mind is keen
The protects me from rays of fever
And your harsh beam

Let me hear
His breath of air
Bright colors of dawn so sheer
Together there is time to spare

In what way can I show
That with all my heart I care

Like spring time morning
Let the flowers bloom
And the colors soar
New born birds stop to toot their horn

The sun comes out and melts the frost
Fresh green grass is oh so soft

Sprinkling rain comes down
But no need to frown

The pink clouds of morning
Ask why do you love
Without warning

He’s sweet and caring
And can talk for hours
He keeps me dry
In your cloudy showers

Let me hold
His hands so ready to repair
Bright start and creatures of the night crawl
But me they do not scare

I must find out how to say
The love is something truly rare
Like the winters dark night
Let the snowflakes fall
And the bare trees flutter
In this blanket everything looks white

Get lost in an army of snowmen
And throw snowballs again and again

Warm hot chocolate warms me inside
Wrapped in blankets side by side

The moon of dark
Asks why do you love
With such spare

He’s generous and giving
With hands big and warm
He keeps my all cozy
During your icy storm

This boy I care about forevermore
Laying together on a sandy shore
I feel his soft hair
And his warm kisses
I hear his short hot breath
And hold his hands that send me into blisses

To end the poem
How I do not know
So in later time with more words
To you I will bestow

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