Stranded in the Arctic

October 25, 2007
By Jared Kash, New City, NY

I woke up, and didn’t know where I was.
I felt the chill of water on my bare feet,
And a breeze of cold air going down my back.
I opened my eyes, and saw where I was…
I was on an ice glacier, in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.
It was freezing, and I was wearing a warm jacket,
But my boots and socks were gone.
I was still trying to figure out how I got here,
I saw several bodies floating in the water.
I remembered, I was on a tiny ferry, going from Seattle to Alaska.
That was all I remembered, we left dock yesterday.
I was the only one who survived; we hit an iceberg, probably.
The only thing I had to worry about now was survival.
My feet were getting frost bite, so I ripped up one of my sleeves,
And used my pocket knife to cut out something like a sock.
I started to jump from glacier to glacier, when I fell into the water.
It felt like a thousand needles.
I needed to know if I was going to make it,
I tried getting up, out of the water, but I was too tired, too weak.
I sank to the bottom of the ocean, dead as a door knob.

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