I watch the candle light

October 25, 2007
By ashley trandell, Warren, MI

I watch the candle light run across your face
The calm scent of your skin close to mine
Breathing this air
Feeling this touch
I’ve never been this swept away
Imagining this in my dreams
Assuming it would never be
For can this be real?
I question myself
As always
I compute our touch with memory
Engaged with the feeling
Sweat rolls down our bodies
Our lips and mouth become dry
The air is calming
Musty fog ignites our spark
The room fills with passion and mist
Evaporation releases our bodies
Kissing intensely
Seduction with his mind
Playing around my tongue
Around my curses
Slowly feeling his heart rate quicken
Mine reflects his
Each beat passes through my veins like blood
The moment it ends
We lay there in bed and sleep next to the clouds

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