May 22, 2010
By Anonymous

That eternal flame
Burnt into the core of every being

Chained by the tendons of the heart
Ever present
Yet eerily calm
It stays quiet and bids its time

It stays quiet and bids its time
Grows stronger with every second the clock ticks away
Emotions, its fuel
Flow to it from the heart
Through the veins, tendons and muscles
Steadily it grows now, from a flame to a fire

And still it is silent
Showing no more of its presence
None than the slight flicker of a spark here and there
We misinterpret it as tamed
Silenced forever
Or of no existence at all

But it is stronger than that
And more clever than we could guess
It stays low,
Waiting patiently
Knowing the time will come,
The time to set free

And when the time does come
The being knows not what happens
That deep fire within him startles awake
Starts seeping through the veins of the body
The body fights, the mind resists
It is a battle long and hard

The mind is stubborn, yet the fire is smarter
It has spent all these years waiting for this moment
With quicker wit and weapons stronger
It at last acclaims victory
The mind now bends to its will
It is now at its mercy

Strengthened by the mind’s defeat
The fire grows ever stronger
But even as it won this battle
There is another yet, tougher to master
Now in a blazing fury it strikes
And attempts to take over the heart

The heart is no fool
It won’t surrender quite as easily
It is the basement of love,
And knows its loss, shall it be forced to yield
It cannot bear defeat
Will not risk what is most precious to it

Both enemies fight hard and strong
Day and night
A never ending conflict
A battle strong,
Greater than any other fought
It seems to go on for eternity

Time passes
But the fire is persistent and eternally young
The heart, however
Reacts to time as any being would
It ages and softens around the edges
Slowly losing the strength to fight on

The barest seconds of weakness
Is all the fire needs to take it down
It breaks through the tendons of the heart
And releases itself from the prison at last
It is at its full capacity
And nothing will come in its paths now

Like a ferocious lion it gives a loud roar
The sound a warning of the disaster to come
It strikes and takes down all in its path
All but blind to its surroundings
Family doesn’t matter,
The ties of friendship are ignored

Love, care, and affection
Are nothing but inconsequential words
Morals, ethics and reason
All went down with the heart
The fire is senseless and hungry
And it consumes all it meets

In this blind and deaf fury
The being makes many blunders
Silly and stupid mistakes
Deadly and dangerous faults
But know it is not the man that makes them
But the monster fire within

Do not let this fire consume you!
It can be fought, yes!
The battle will be tough
And the efforts tremendous
Do what you must
But don’t succumb to the fury

You can win,
And win it easily if you try
As strong as the fire may seem,
It is but a weakling,
A nothing,
To the strong will of a human mind

The author's comments:
Sometimes anger gets out of control and makes us do things we are unaware of. We turn into someone else, and we do unreasonable things.

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