The Eighteenth of May

October 24, 2007
By Samantha Murphy, Cincinnati, OH

Forgive me today,
if I walk a little slower,
if I talk a little less,
if I think a little more,
if my dreams aren't as big,
if my smiles aren’t as long,
if my breaths are a little deeper.

Today is a day of sadness,
I miss you so very much.
It’s so hard here without you,
waiting for your touch.

I’ve been living without you,
I’ve been dreaming without you,
I’ve been crying without you,
I’m slowly dying without you.

Someday together forever,
walking hand in hand.
I promise we’ll be together,
were ever we may stand.

I’ll always be here waiting,
waiting to be with you,
forgetting about the hating,
longing for tomorrow.

Everything is ripped at the seems
and I’m all out of glue
trying to fix everything,
just so I’ll forget you.

Someday I’ll close my eyes
and I won’t see your face.
I’ll never forget you
because I truly loved you.

This is a day I can’t explain.
This dream is so unreal.
This is the saddest day,
this is the eighteenth of May.

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