The Day is Dying

October 24, 2007
The day is Dying
A scarlet melon explosion
Soared through the robin's egg blue horizon
Like a silent firecracker

Salmon and goldenrod clouds
dance across the ends of the landscape
dripping down onto the earth
like frosting on a cake

Blushing naranja orange
The sun deflates
And gravity begins to lose hold
As it begins to sink
Behind the trees

The day is Dying

Memories of the day are running loose
And the trees are whispering the words
Only lovers dare say
Twilight is coming
And the day is warring with the night
Revealing the brawl
In the apricot sky

Pumpkin orange frowns
Stretch across the Amarillo sky
And steal the breath of the children playing

A silent war
between night and day
explodes before my very eyes
creating a unique sight
that will never be seen
for the rest of eternity

Reach up
And grasp the sweet,
Sugary fluff
That melts on my tongue

The day is Dying

A hillside
Covered in dandelions flowing
Dancing in the breeze
An arrangement of oranges in the market
A center of a grapefruit

A dark blue speck of paint
Begins to blend in
Starting out small
It grows
And deepens
Wishing away all brightness

The war has ended.

The day has Died.

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