Open Letter to The Dad I Never Had!

October 24, 2007
By Victoria Williams, East Wenatchee, WA

Yes, you missed my birth, but yet I'm still being ignored.

I was just a baby and I didnt understand things; that's when you were calling my mom names.

I look at my mom and then I look at me. It was just recently I realized what a huge thing isn't a part of me.

I remember when I was a little girl, how you'd be there one week and be gone the next. I can proudly say " you were once in my life " but now I say " It didnt last very long."

I do want to know you, but when I look back when you hit my mom and brother, now it's like " why bother?"

At one time you might have cared about my mom and brother; that was before you hit them. You didnt hit me. You didnt stick around to take care of me either.

It hurts me to say I don't know my dad, but here, take a note, If you really cared about your little girl you would have made an effort 14 years ago.

I have fears that I'll never get the chance to see you. I have everyone telling me I will, but how do I know before it's to late?

I want to know why you didnt pay child support, why you choose drugs over me?

I hear you can't go a day being sober. Is thats true? Probably is since you don't have a clean record.

It's amazing how the palice will let you out, when they know you won't get far, with or without a car.

Im 14 now. They say Im a pretty cool kid. Everyone's always telling me that you're the fool for missing out on a great kid.

Do you know whats it's like to have people say shit about your dad, and you dont know what to say because you dont know him or the truth? Well I do and I blame you.

You lost your dad because it was his time to go. I lost my dad cause he decided to do dope.

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