May 21, 2010
By Anonymous

The beautiful baby blue eyes shine
When the miracle comes to this world
She brightened everyone’s day like the sun

She would crawl so fast, like a rabbit’s hop
As if it were a bunny, fast and happy
As she prepares herself for her time to walk

She began to walk a few months later
Later she would walk and then she
Would run so fast you miss her fly by

As she gets older she begins to
Acknowledge boys and the crush is
As big as the earth and he makes her weak

Her hearts racing, blood is pimping
And she’s speechless when she sees him
When he walls by he leaves a sweet scent as a flower

The talk for hours as it goes on they
Began to know each other more and more
Free spirit, as the wind is what they were

Soon enough it was poem, her dress
Shined like the light in the sun as he
Picks her up at her door with a smile

Time went on, but the sad day came, he left her
Her heart was in two and tears fell like rain
She didn’t know what to do or how to feel

The days become cloudy, where the sun
Was found and the days grew long and
Everything turned to darkness for her

She slowly went on and things got better
She was graduating soon and was excited
She soon enough went to college, this was her life

The author's comments:
i wrote it myself

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